Our Complete Mission Statement

Our Complete Mission Statement

Simply put, quality is our number one priority.  Quality craftsmanship needs to happen at all levels of a home’s construction.  The depth and width of the foundations’ footings are never seen in the finished product, but they matter as much as the corner joint in the crown molding.  Perhaps more importantly, the quality of the foundation and frame ensure that the finish joinery will stay where the carpenters put it. At Marsico Custom Homes we take just as much pride in the work that won’t be seen as we do in the work that shows.  We have had many comments about how clean our work is during the foundation and rough framing phases.  This makes it easy to do premium finish work.  These fundamentals are important, but are just the beginning.

Continuing education is vital for a contractor. Advances in Construction Science have exposed the poorly insulated, leaky, inefficient details that have remained unchanged for centuries. This is why we subscribe to numerous trade journals, attend classes and trade shows, obtain certifications, and participate in online discussions.


Of course, we cannot forget aesthetics. The study of the language of Architecture is a vast endeavor. Getting proportions and details right requires a keen eye. Whether designing in-house or working with an architect, proportion and scale are something that we as a builder must understand and appreciate. Our goal is to build homes that look and feel right, while performing efficiently as a system. Traditional craftsmanship and a thorough understanding of construction science, along with correct architectural details, is critical to delivering a product that future generations will value and preserve.


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